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Repaso and Curricular Support At O'sullivan's

The Academic year 20/21 has created never before seen challenges which will inevitibley take a toll on a large number of students and learners across the entire school system.

That is why as part of our Covid-19 Response, we are increasing and extending our ever popular Repaso and Extra Curricular Support programmes, including the infamous Friday Homework Club (Now available online!).

Should you need that extra help in any curricular or extra curricular subject, get in touch and get the help you need to ensure academic success for any learner.

No stress, just learning success with O'sullivan's.

Consult for details of packages and pricing!

All Ages

Any Subject

No Stress

Academic success

Groups of

8 Max.

Experienced Native Teachers

All our courses available ONLINE

All of our classes and centers adhere to local authority Covid-19 protocols. Read our Covid-19 response here.

Time tables and calanders vary to accomodate school schedules, students and parents requirements. Get in touch and let us know what you need!

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