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Who we are

O´sullivan´s Learning Academy is made up of passionate, experienced teachers who love teaching. Our goal is to make people love the language they are learning. 


After starting teaching 16 years ago Lisa O´Sullivan, the founder and director, realised that she loved teaching her native language and soon saw that students responded brilliantly to her way of doing the classes and learnt a lot from them. Her students spoke to their friends and them to their friends and it soon became apparent that people loved her methodology. It became her mission in life to help people learn in a fun and dynamic way and gain confidence in languages. 


Since starting the academy in 2014 the O´sullivan team has grown and Lisa always looks for teachers who are professional educators that thrive when in the classroom. 


All of the O´sullivan team speak more than just their native language and for this reason they understand the difficulties that the students can sometimes have in the classroom. In every class the objectives are participation and progression. As we work with max 8 students per class the quality we deliver is very high and our students are comfortable enough to ask questions and practise a lot. 


Practise makes perfect!

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Who we are

What we do 

We really care! We take pride in knowing the abilities and objectives of each and every one of our students. Through teaching in small groups we are able to give a more personal approach to the learning experience. We know how important it is for people to practise the language they are learning with other people and in different situations. For this reason we focus on natural conversations, everyday vocabulary and pronunciation. The combination of these three things makes for successful classes where the students come out of every class feeling more confident and like they have really improved. 


O´sullivan´s methodology is a mixture of the communicative methodology and the experience of what we know works. It is simple, if our students feel comfortable and have fun with their teacher and classmates they absorb more information and therefore progress faster. 


Mistakes are great, we show students that the best way to learn is by making mistakes. Positive reinforcement and affirmations are the key to making sure that each student feels appreciated and welcome in the class. 


At O´sullivan´s we know we have the winning formula, come find out for yourself!

What we do

Monday - Friday

08:30am - 10:00pm


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Where we are

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Where we are

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